Perhaps you have been treated with acupuncture before, and it didn’t seem to help you. Well, did you know that there are several forms of acupuncture? We at EastWest Healing Arts & Acupuncture, LLC are constantly expanding our repertoire of modalities, so we can have many options for treating your condition.

One other advantage our service offers is the merging our different perspectives on healing. While we deeply respect our patient’s confidentiality, we will often confer with one another on our findings and results so that our combined experience can be applied to your particular case.

Acupuncture Physical Medicine
Acupuncture Physical Medicine is a specifically American technique taught at our Alma Mater: Tristate College of Acupuncture. It combines the use of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Janet Travell’s Trigger Point Therapy to treat both deep causes and surface manifestations. This technique is frequently used for any form of myofascial constriction which could result from overusing or compressing a muscle or a group of muscles. The treatment involves opening the zone to be treated, supporting the chronic portion of the condition and locally stimulating the trigger points in the muscle with needles. This is very similar to the form of treatment provided by Physiatrists, except that we use acupuncture needles which cause less damage of muscle tissue.

Pain Management
Our most popular method for treating pain is the Balance method developed by Dr. Richard Tan of California. By using this technique the results are immediate and amazing. It is a very simple treatment which can be performed while sitting in a chair. Very few needles are required. This form of treatment is cumulative. This means that you should expect to come more frequently at the beginning of your treatment, so we can catch the pain before it returns in full. As progress is made, the frequency of treatments will lessen, depending on whether the pain returns.

Treatment involves acupuncture, tuina, herbal remedies, moxibustion, cupping, guasha and sotai. Treatment ends when the pain no longer returns, or you decide you no longer need it. In addition to the in-office treatment, we often finish with retained ear magnets to help extend the effect.

We have had significant success with pain from myofascial conditions and arthritis throughout the body.

Parkinson’s Disease
The Parkinson’s Recovery Team in Santa Cruz California has developed a technique which is effective in helping patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s to find healing. While we make no guarantees, Jim has received this training and is willing to discuss it with you and schedule you for treatment should you decide to proceed. There is a major provision: we will follow all of the rules of the Parkinson’s Recovery Team, including refusing to treat anyone who has taken or is currently taking Parkinson medication. This medication creates serious problems for our treatments. For more information, please see the documentation at this site.

Cancer Adjunctive Treatment
Jim has completed a course given by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Service called Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient. This course is intended to prepare the acupuncturist to effectively treat the side effects of cancer and of the treatments that cancer patients must endure.

Allergy Treatment
Jim has completed the advanced level training in NAET. This treatment method holds benefit for sufferers of the typical kinds of allergies, as well as for some of the more unusual kinds (sunlight, certain emotions…). Dr. Nambudripad has written an excellent book which is required reading for anyone desiring this treatment: Say Good-Bye to Illness. This modality uses a form of kinesiology as diagnostic, and acupressure for actual treatment. The treatment is finished off with an acupuncture, but this can be replaced with acupressure for patients who prefer.

In addition, Binghui treats allergies using Chinese herbs and Balancing method.

Vision Treatment
Binghui is currently developing her own technique for treating visual conditions. She has had success with improving glaucoma, cataracts, visual nerve atrophy and stroke sequela. Her technique involves the use of acupuncture in conjunction with herbs.

Women’s Wellness
We have had successfully provided treatments for women who experience menstrual disorder, infertility, IVF adjunctive treatments, postpartum depression and menopausal syndrome.